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Jason Kyle

TV Development at:

Lee Aronsohn

Co-Creator/Exec. Producer:

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Learn how to pitch and sell your TV series

Train to become a Studio Executive

Gain experience working in a writers room

Plus more

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Free industry insights, tips and expert advice 

Free Live Zoom Panels

. Free Q/A's  w/ Hollywood Writers & Showrunners

. Plus more

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Strengthen your scripts & TV pilots

Prep your writing package for representation

. Master your pitches to TV networks and studios

Plus more

The value we provide.

Toy C.

"Lee and Jason are so good at comedy, so good at directing. They've upped my game in a major way."

Juan P.

"The pitching method I learned through Jason is now the method I apply to every one of my pitches."

Rochelle G.

"They have experience writing, pitching, developing, producing, directing, acting - they have a complete 360 view of the industry."

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