The Logline: 3 Things You Need To Know

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

1. What purpose do they serve?

You want to get in a room to pitch your project? The logline is the pitch before the pitch. It’s the one sentence - emphasis on “ONE” - that perfectly encapsulates what your TV series is about.

If an elevator pitch is 30-60 seconds, your logline should be the “staircase pitch”. A one-liner you can get out in 10 seconds or less that makes Producers and Executives stop and say - “Tell me more!”

A logline is your short, concise, efficient way to hook the reader. So remember - keep it to ONE sentence. It’s “logLINE”. Not loglineS. Not logPARAGRAPH. Not logBOREMETODEATH.

2. How do you write them?

Think of it as a formula:

Protagonist + Goal + Antagonistic Force = a solid logline

Here’s an example:

A hit man (Protagonist) wants to hang up his gun for good to act in the LA theater scene (Goal), but remains indebted to his manipulative mafia bosses (Antagonistic Force).

Let’s take the formula a step further:

Protagonist + Inciting Event + Action + Antagonist + Stakes = a great logline

Here’s an example: