10 Daily Tools to Survive and Thrive

Creators! Welcome back to our series on self-care.

The first three daily tools in Part 1 are about starting your day strong — with a sense of happiness, positivity and accomplishment:

  1. Smile

  2. Make Your Bed

  3. Listen to Affirmations

Our next three tools are about writing and (don’t panic!) spirituality.

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron changed my life — jump-starting my healthy sense of spirituality. The book refers to how “God” plays an invaluable role in my creativity. But, the word/name/label of “God” can be polarizing. Cameron talks about not letting preconceived notions or semantics block my creative destiny. “God” can be used as short-hand for “Goddess, Mind, Universe, Nature, Source, or Higher Power”. The point isn’t what I name it, it’s that I USE it. Once I learned that, I incorporated daily prayer in order to connect with my “Higher Power”.

Which brings us to tool #4:


4) Pray