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Legal Notices


Terms of Service & Privacy Policy


By using our Services, you agree to be bound by the terms of our Terms of Service agreement and you are accepting the practices described in our Privacy Policy. 

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Career Intensive Payment Plan Policy

If you are on a payment plan for Career Intensive, you agree to pay the total amount for the duration of the plan.

Refund Policy

Tickets to all Career Intensives, Writers Retreats, Masterclasses, and Service are non-refundable after purchase. Career Intensives, Writers Retreats, and Masterclasses registrations cannot be transferred to other Career Intensives and Writers Retreats, Masterclasses, or Service offered by the Creators Writing Room.

Submission & Materials Policy

Unsolicited Materials. We do not accept and will not open any unsolicited materials. 

Consulting Materials And Services. Your materials are kept confidential between the consultant and the client. Consulting on materials does not make the Creators Writing Room—or their employees and affiliates—consultants, producers, buyers, developers, or auspices to your project in any way.

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