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Who is this for?

Writers looking for in-depth notes and coverage on their pilot scripts. This basic coverage includes a single round of notes from Jason, and then an hour-long conversation to go through the notes in detail.


  • Half-Hour (up to 32 pg) Pilot Coverage ($250)

  • Hour-Long (up to 62 pg) Pilot Coverage ($350)



Who is this for?

Writers looking to hone their script with multiple rounds of notes & feedback over the course of an extended work period (max 6 month term).


Writers looking to strengthen their additional series materials (pitch deck, series bible, treatment, etc) and build a specific and targeted strategy on how to best utilize those finished materials.


  • Half-Hour Pilot Consulting - Script Notes Only - 4 sessions ($800)

  • Half-Hour Package Consulting - Pitch/Deck/Script - 8 sessions ($1500)

  • Hour-Long Pilot Consulting - Script Notes Only - 4 sessions ($1000)

  • Hour-Long Package Consulting - Pitch/Deck/Script - 8 sessions ($1800)



Who is this for?

Writers looking for notes and coverage on specific documents for their package of materials.


Writers looking to build a specific and targeted strategy on how to best utilize those materials and how to incorporate life altering routines and rituals in their daily lives to strengthen their writing, as well as their mental toughness.


  • Once a Month for 3 months - 3 sessions ($600)

  • Once a Month for 6 months - 6 sessions ($1200)

  • Twice a Month for 3 months - 6 sessions ($1050)

  • Twice a Month for 6 months - 12 sessions ($2100)


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Our industry advantage.

Full 360 degree view of the industry given Jason and Lee's background in writing, acting, directing, producing, pitching, developing and working with major studios.  


Inside knowledge of current TV landscape and evolving market-driven trends.

Superb feedback from the Pros who have done it and currently live it. 

No inexperienced readers or pool of anonymous interns reading your materials and writing your coverage. 

Personalized support and coaching for you and your career. 

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