curriculum that's designed to give creators a 360 degree view of the business 

Level 1:

Think Like a Studio Executive

Level 2:

Create the Winning Pitch

Level 2: Create the Winning Pitch for your TV Series




Instructor:  Jason Kyle

Class length: 3 weeks (3 sessions)

Class size: 6-8 people

Location: Online

Cost: $215


Mondays  | Oct 5, 12, 19 | 6-9pm PT  - SOLD OUT

Saturdays | Oct 24, Oct 31, Nov 7 | 10am-1pm PT  - Seats Available


You have an idea, maybe even a pilot script, but do you know how to pitch it to attract Representation or Producers? 

This class is run exactly the way studios and producers run their notes sessions with writers. You will learn how to sell your TV series, in a clear, concise, succinct yet compelling way. 

As a Developer at Sony, Jason reads countless scripts and pitch docs every week.

He has designed this class to provide notes and feedback in the same way it is done at the studio level with current and aspiring writers in development.

Who is this class for?


This intensive 3 week class is for both new writers looking to get started with creating their package of materials for reps, as well as seasoned writers with credits looking to prep for their next pitch. 

What you will learn:


  • How to describe the TONE of your show

  • How to articulate the WORLD your show is based in

  • How to develop fascinating CHARACTERS

  • How to craft VOICE, point of view and dynamics

  • The STUDIO NOTES PROCESS given by top studio executives

       to writers & showrunners

  • Current MARKET TRENDS for television

  • Secret “ingredients” to make your pitch STAND OUT

Course syllabus

  • Week 1: Students present their Written Pitches

  • Week 2: Students present their Visual Pitches

  • Week 3: Students deliver their Verbal pitches

What our students are saying:

TV Development  at:

If you would like to audit this class, please contact us.


Level 1: Think Like a Studio Executive*


Adapt Your Creative Ideas to the

BUSINESS Side of Development

Instructor: Jason Kyle

Class length: 5 weeks (5 sessions)

Class size: 8-10 people

Location: Online (Zoom)

Cost: $445


Sundays | Oct. 25 - Nov. 22 | 10am-1pm PT  - SOLD OUT


Creators looking to break into the business often neglect one major thing: the purpose of a business. Which is to make money

Through interactive group exercises and role-playing scenarios, students will learn what it's like to be in the Executive chair, and learn how to apply this critical knowledge to their own creative ideas. 


Jason currently develops at Sony Pictures with the Creators of Homeland and 24, and the former President of CBS Studios. He brings insider knowledge that's unparalleled to any other industry-related class.

Guest Lecturers: Jason also taps into his network and invites guest lecturers to discuss their experience on the BUSINESS side of Development. Past guest lecturers include Development Executives from Amazon Studios, Sony Pictures, and CBS Studios.

Who is this class for?


Any and all creators looking to grow their careers. You do NOT need to currently have a finished script or pilot, you do NOT need to be currently signed to an agent, you do NOT need to be currently pitching studios or networks. This class lays the foundation for how you can start doing all of those things.  


What you will learn:


  • How to ADAPT your creative ideas to current market trends

  • How to MARKET & COMMUNICATE your ideas to buyers

  • How to IDENTIFY & UTILIZE I.P. (the #1 trend in TV/Film)

  • How to PACKAGE your creative ideas to attract major interest

  • How to DIFFERENTIATE between buyers (Streaming vs Premium vs Cable, etc)

  • How to UNDERSTAND & LEVERAGE all the major facets of the business

"Just like Directors need to take Acting classes, Creators need to take Development classes. You have to understand the entirety of the business you're in if you want to grow and succees." - Lee Aronsohn 

TV Development  at:

*We highly recommend completing Level 1 prior to enrolling in Level 2.

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